Robotic Science From the Moon: Gravitational Physics, Heliophysics and Cosmology

October 5th & 6th
Boulder, Colorado


Day 1

Meeting Room: Flagstaff half of Ballroom

9:00am Introduction (Jack Burns)
9:15am The Future of Lunar Science – Overview (David Morrison)
First Session:  21cm Theory (Jack Burns, Chair)
9:30am Invited Speaker – How will the James Webb Space Telescope measure First Light, Reionization, and Galaxy Assembly in the post Hubble Wide Field Camera 3 era? (Rodger Windhorst)
10:15am Invited Speaker – Expectations for the Reionization Epochs of H I and He II (Mike Shull)
11:00am Break Break 20 min (Poster Viewing)
11:20am The High Redshift 21cm signal (Steve Furlanetto)
11:40am 21 cm FAST (Andrei Mesinger)
12:00pm Lunch Lunch Talk – Orion Status (Scott Norris) 30 min   Canyon half of Ballroom

Second Session: Low Frequency Observation 1 (Joe Lazio, Chair)
1:00pm Invited Speaker – 21 cm Cosmology (Miguel Morales)
1:40pm Terrestrial Polar Analogs of Lunar Low Frequency Astronomy Site (Jeffrey Peterson)
2:00pm Bright Foreground Removal for Redshifted 21 cm Measurements (Abbi Datta)
2:20pm A Constraint on the 21cm signal at z=20 from VLA Observations (Katie Chynoweth)
2:40pm Break Break 20 min (Poster Viewing)

Low Frequency Continued
3:00pm Invited Speaker – Pre-reionization 21cm (Ue-Li Pen)
3:40pm Lessons from Low-Frequency spectral line observations (Jeremy Darling)

Third Session:  EPO (Justin Kasper, Chair)
4:00pm Progress in LUNAR EPO (Doug Duncan)
4:20pm Scientific and Exploration Potential of the Lunar Poles (Ben Bussey)
6:00pm Cocktails and refreshments at Fiske Planetarium
7:00pm Dinner at Fiske Planetarium
8:00pm Planetarium Show in Fiske Theater

Day 2

Meeting Room: Flagstaff half of Ballroom

8:30am First Session: Lunar Laser Ranging (Bob MacDowall, Chair)

Invited Speaker – Tests of Gravity with LLR: Present and Future (Ken Nordtvedt)
9:10am The Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector Arrays of the 21st century (Doug Currie)
9:30am Understanding Gravity with LISA (Pete Bender)
9:50am Testing Gravitational Theory by Accurate Ranging to Mercury (Neal Ashby)
10:10am Break Break 20 min (Poster Viewing)
10:30am Lunar Laser Ranging Continued

APOLLO: Keeping the Lunar Legacy Alive (Eric Michelsen)
10:50am Invited Speaker – The Lunar Surface: A Dusty Plasma Laboratory (Tobin Munsat)
11:30pm Break Lunch talk – Lunar Express: A Low Cost Lunar Lander (Dave Murrow) 30min Millenium Room
12:30pm Second Session: Radio Heliophysics (Jonathan Pritchard, Chair)

Invited Speaker – Radio Heliophysics (Stuart Bale)
1:10pm Remote Imaging of Electron Acceleration at the Sun with a Lunar Radio Array (Justin Kasper)
1:30pm Spring driven Deployment of Polymide Film Lunar Radio Antennas (Bob MacDowall)
1:50pm Heliospheric Dust and Consequences (Arnaud Zavslazky)
2:10pm Break Break 20 min (Poster Viewing)
2:30pm Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE Session) (Doug Currie, Chair)

The Global 21cm spectrum (Jonathan Pritchard)
2:50pm Lessons from EDGES (Judd Bowman)
3:10pm Overview of DARE (Jack Burns)
3:30pm DARE Instrument (Joe Lazio)
3:50pm The DARE Spacecraft (Lisa Hardaway)
4:10pm Modeling of Foregrounds and Instrument Response for DARE (Geraint Harker)
4:30pm END OF DAY 2