LUNAR Webinar Series

Our LUNAR seminars will be broadcast online via Adobe Connect.  They will be coordinated with the APS Friday lunchtime seminars. Speakers visiting Boulder will be scheduled at midday, Mountain Time, on Fridays.  Remote speakers will be scheduled at a different time so as not to clash.

How to log in and see/hear the webinars

To see the slides and hear the audio, go to the URL given below the title of the talk and enter as a guest (please give your full name to help us identify you).  This year we will not be using a separate telephone number for the audio, so if you plan to ask a question, make sure you have a microphone available.

We also have recordings of webinars which have already taken place: the links to the recordings are given below.

The program for the 2012/13 academic year is as follows:

Please go here for the schedule and recordings from previous years.