Journal Publications (Submitted and Peer Reviewed)

A Space-Based Observational Strategy for Characterizing the First Stars and Galaxies Using the Redshifted 21-cm Global Spectrum (2017)

The Global 21-Cm Signal In The Context Of The High-Z Galaxy Luminosity Function (2017)

Calibration Of The Edges High-Band Receiver To Observe The Global 21 Cm Signature From The Epoch Of Reionization (2017)

Improved Measurement Of The Spectral Index Of The Diffuse Radio Background Between 90 And 190 MHz (2017)

Dare Mission Design: Low Rfi Observations From A Low-Altitude Frozen Lunar Orbit (2017)

The Effects Of The Ionosphere On Ground-Based Detection Of The Global 21 cm Signal From The Cosmic Dawn And The Dark Ages (2016)

Parametrizations of the 21-cm Global Signal and Parameter Estimation from Single-Dipole Experiments (2016)

Interpreting The Global 21-Cm Signal From High Redshifts. II. Parameter Estimation For Models Of Galaxy Formation (2015)

Selection Between Foreground Models for Global 21-cm Experiments (2015)

Decoding the X-ray Properties of Pre-reionization Era Sources (2014)

Interpreting the Global 21 cm Signal from High Redshifts. I. Model-Independent Constraints (2013)

Probing the First Stars and Black Holes in the Early Universe with the Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE) (2012)

An MCMC Approach to Extracting the Global 21-cm Signal During the Cosmic Dawn from Sky-Averaged Radio Observations (2012)

Optimized Multi-frequency Spectra for Applications in Radiative Feedback and Cosmological Reionization (2012)

Conference Proceedings (Peer Reviewed)

Trajectory Design from GTO to Near-Equatorial Lunar Orbit for the Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE) Spacecraft Presented at 25th AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, Williamsburg, VA (2014)

Conference Presentations

From Darkness to Light: Observing the First Stars and Galaxies with the Redshifted 21-cm Line using the Dark Ages Radio Explorer (2015)

Dark Ages Radio Explorer Mission: Probing the Cosmic Dawn (2014)

Challenges of Measuring Cosmic Dawn with the 21-cm Sky-Averaged, Global Signal (2014)

Dark Ages Radio Explorer - Field Tests of a Prototype Instrument (2012)

Dark Ages Radio Explorer Instrument Verification Program: Antenna Test Results (2012)

Probing the First Stars and Black Holes with the Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE) (2011)

The Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE) (2011)

Technical Reports

EDGES Memo Series Haystack

EDGES Memo Series ASU

Factsheet & Foldouts

DARE Mission Factsheet

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DARE Operations Foldout

DARE Spacecraft Foldout

DARE Mission Schedule

Videos and animations

DARE Spacecraft Animation 2017

DARE Presentation Video at BALL 2015

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