Low Frequency Cosmology and Astrophysics Memos

 #Title AuthorDatepdf
1 Optimization of the DALI array configuration minimizing sidelobes

G.B. Taylor 

C. Rodriguez

6/21/2011 pdf
2 Science from the Moon

Jack O. Burns

and the LUNAR Consortium

6/21/2011 pdf
3 Prospect for Probing Feedback from the First Black Holes and Stars During Reionization

Jack O. Burns

for the LUNAR Consortium

6/21/2011 pdf
4 The Effect of Element Failures on an Optimized DALI Station G.B. Taylor 7/12/2011 pdf
5 ROLSS Antenna Measurements K.Stewart, R. Macdowall, B. Hicks 9/6/2011 pdf
6 Field Tests of a Polymide Film Antenna Conducted Novemeber 2010 E. Polisensky, K. Stewart, B.Hicks, K. Weiler 9/9/2011 pdf
7 Feasibility of observations below 40 MHz with a DARE-like system G. Harker, J. Pritchard, J. Burns 11/15/2011 pdf